October 2007

Everyone Is An Expert In Something

by Ed Tsunoda on October 30, 2007

A lot of people ask me about niche and vertical markets and what that means. I always advise people to focus their content on their area of expertise, no matter what that is. Everyone is an expert in something, even if you don’t think so.

Yes, You Need A Web Site Or Blog

Everyone needs to have a blog or a basic web site. No matter who you are or what you do, people who meet you and may hire you or do business with you or want to have dinner with you are going to type your name into Google. You can control what they find. Here’s […]

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Google Page Rank Update And You

Over the last day or two, Google has exported an updated PageRank to Google toolbars, causing an outcry in part because industry wide there has been a notable “market correction” with tons of big PageRank sites getting knocked down considerably, e.g. YouTube is a PR3 this morning they were previously PR8. And the question on […]

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Terminology: Hits Are Meaningless

One of the local business directories here in our area is perpetuating the myth of “hits” and using it as a metric to validate charging money for advertising. Verbatim: “receiving 400,000 hits per month hits per month with some 120,000 unique users.” And here’s why that’s funny.

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Local Focus Leads To Success

There is a great piece on Clickz.com this morning reiterating one of our core values, to wit: Niche and local content is the path to success. “However, new local search sites that take a regional or vertical approach are finding success in competing with their larger counterparts. Increasingly, these smaller local sites are competing with […]

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Quality Content and Quality Links

One of the premises we started with on NYFS years ago and we’ve stuck with through all of our sites and web communities, is keeping the focus on quality content and quality links. That one factor is probably the single most important reason our sponsors reach the top slots in the search engines.

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What Marketing Means

Marketing is a misunderstood business expresssion. Many people use marketing as being a synonym for sales, which isn’t really what it is…or I guess they would call it sales, eh? 😉 Marketing is the craft of creating a connection between the producers of a product or service and the consumers of those products and services.

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Communities Create Traffic

The way to reach a broad market via the Internet, is to create a community comprised of your target market, and develop your online resources to build a place users you want to reach will come to every day.

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Creating Communities

You have a great idea or great content or both, but what do you do with it? How do you reach people? You only need to construct an audience for it. The best way to do that is through building virtual communities.

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