November 2007

How Do We Get Users To Our Web Site?

by Ed Tsunoda on November 7, 2007

That’s the one question we get asked the most. People buy and sell emailings and software and optimizers and books and it’s not dissimilar really to the Diet industry. There’s always a fad, there’s always the promise of a magic pill. The reality is you have to eat less, eat better, and exercise more and […]

Protect Your Community Online

One of your main responsibilities when you are working with local and/or niche content is to protect your community and the perception of it online. It’s astounding how often the one voice with an ax to grind is at the top of a Google search. Today, there was just such a situation regarding our community […]

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A Brand You Can Trust

It is the phrase that is implied in every marketing message whether it’s the truth or a deception. It’s the one component of your Internet presence you have to establish. A brand you can trust. That’s the basis for every transaction you make both as a consumer and the seller. How can you craft that […]

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Flash (Ah-Ah) Not For Every One Of Us

Having a visually attractive and aesthically pleasing site is important, but it has to be balanced and integrated with functionality and performance. Flash animations, lots of images, cool navigation tools all can be beautiful art, but they’re not for everyone or everything.

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Connecting Your Links, TITLE Tags, And Content

Okay, you’ve got dynamic TITLE tags that are driven by your page content and keywords in your TITLEs, but you’re not rising up in the search engines as quickly as you want or as high as you need to…what else can you do?

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Regular New Content Drives Everything

One of the reasons that having a self-publishing web site is so important, is that regular new content on your site is crucial to developing both traffic and good search engine rankings. If you’re working with a designer who charges you to make changes to your site, adding new content becomes a cost, which makes […]

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Your TITLE Tags Are So Important

One of the single most important factors in your presence on search engine results is the content and keyword relevance of the page title. Many blog templates and web designers under utilize this tag, so it’s important to look at your page titles throughout your Blog or site and make sure you’re taking advantage of the […]

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Building Your Own Links Network

One of the great things about creating niche content web sites is that you begin to create your own network of affiliated sites, that can power each other in terms of traffic, search engine spiders, and page rank.

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