April 2014

Recycling: It Isn’t Just For Bottles And Cans

by Ed Tsunoda on April 30, 2014

The blog over at Constant Contact makes a great point about re-purposing your content….like you can make three meals out of an oven stuffer roaster, am I right? Make sure you wring every last byte of goodness out of every word you type. But while generating content is essential to your marketing success, finding the […]

Connect Social Media And SEO

Here’s a great basic outline of how to use your social media wisely. Clear concise simple directions for half a dozen ways to really make some progress connecting your social media to your small business SEO. Likes, comments, +1s, repins, retweets, etc., all play into the weight given to your links. If you create content […]

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Next Window Phone To Be Ultimate Selfie Phone

One of the many reasons Microsoft acquired Nokia devices and services was to have great phones and specifically great cameras as a fixture in Windows phones moving forward, so it’s no surprise that one of the first offerings this year will be to give selfie fans the perfect tool for their craft, code name: Superman. […]

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The Benefits of SSD Drives For Web Hosting

This article does a good job of explaining why SSD drives and SSD Web Hosting are such an improvement for WordPress, Joomla, php/mysql developers, etc.   Currently, many websites are created with open source web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal due to their ease-of-use and flexibility to customize the way they look with […]

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You Need More RAM…Or Maybe Not

It seems like the minute you log into your new web host control panel for the first time, you check your stats and resources graphs and you’re using 90% of the RAM on your new server, and you start thinking (and maybe a sales guy or “account rep” starts saying) “Gee, maybe we ought to […]

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SSD Web Hosting For WordPress and PHP MySQL

We recently started moving our sites to servers with SSD (Solid State Drives/Disk) because our HDD based servers couldn’t keep up with the high -paced world of having people actually visit our sites. In the course of researching the best hosting services for our needs (high traffic/high request php/mysql based sites i.e., dynamic database driven […]

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Why You Need To Justify Wanting An Extra IP

Hosting companies are stingy when it come to giving you an extra IP address, and they are about to get stingier. You need a reasonable justification, and if you depend on multiple web sites and web traffic generated by search engines, then you know they’re important. They’re your numerical address on the internet, and most […]

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Web Hosting: Try Before You Buy

It sounds simple, but so few people (or companies even) do, before they commit big money – sometimes $hundreds/mo for a two year deal for a dedicated server – to a company they’ve never worked with before. Here’s a great tip: Narrow your web search down to 2 or 3 or 4 companies, and then […]

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Microsoft Bings Kids

The battle for programming your kid to prefer Windows/Apple/Google starts early! The battle for young minds has actually truly begun. Sure, all the youngun’s want an IPhone (great job, Apple), but it will be fascinating now to see how much Microsoft mobile jumps in the years to come because kids are using Bing and Microsoft […]

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