May 2014

Official Windows 8.1 File Manager

by Ed Tsunoda on May 31, 2014

One of the annoying things about Windows 8 has been the lack of a good file manager, without reverting to the desktop view. But no more. now with what is quickly becoming typical Windows 8.1 simplicity and function there’s an easy way to manage your files, too. The app, as we have seen before, is […]

Best Web Host Search Terms

In case you haven’t been shopping for a new web host recently, there’s been a big change in how consumers refer to the products they’re looking for in the web hosting industry. the web hosting marketplace has moved to new technology, and new keywords! …you can see that searches for hosting terms such as “web […]

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Touch ID Coming To Your iPhone and iPad

Analysts are saying that every iPhone and iPad coming this year and moving forward will use Touch ID fingerprint scanning to identify it’s user/owner: every Apple iPhone and Apple iPad released in 2014, will come with Touch ID. That is the fingerprint scanner that is embedded in the home button on the Apple iPhone 5s. […]

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Windows Phone 8.1 Tutorial Videos

If you’ve already upgraded to the developers preview of Windows Phone 8.1 or are thinking of dropping some coin on a new Windows Phone, the good people over at Windows Phone have put up some tutorial videos to help you get going. The first is your basic “getting started” summary. If you are new to […]

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Microsoft Launches Surface 3, Kills The Mini

Yesterdays big Microsoft announcement morphed from being all about the Microsoft Mini a month ago, to maybe including a Surface 3 announcement, to turning out to ONLY be a Surface 3 announcement. What happened to the mini? They “decided that the product in development wasn’t different enough from rivals and probably wouldn’t be a hit,” […]

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Standard Image Sizes For Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Profiles

Here’s a link to the standard sizes for images for all the major social media profiles. Great stuff here from ConstantContact Blog, because having the wrong size images can completely mess up the effect you are trying to create on your facebook twitter instagram pinterest linkedin etc profile. LINK TO IMAGE SIZES In addition to […]

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Send Hi Res Photos From Windows Phone To One Drive

If you’ve already experienced the disappointment of looking for the photo you shot at that event on your OneDrive only to find out it’s a thumbnail basically, there is great news on the horizon. The Windows Phone 8.1 update coming next month is going to change that for ya. While those with certain Windows Phone […]

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Microsoft Surface 3 Pricing and Specs

Leaks are now flying fast and furious leading in to this weeks announcement that Microsoft is going both big and small with a new Surface Mini, and a Surface 3, which will reportedly feature bigger screen, smaller bevel, new type covers and a range of RAM, GB of space, and processor machismo: For the Surface […]

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How To Print Screen On Your Android Windows iPhone Phone

If you’ve ever had to call tech support or do a support chat online, you’ve probably been asked to do a screen capture or “print screen” (PrtScn) to help the support person figure out what the heck you’re seeing. Well, what do you do when the device that needs support is your smart  phone? This […]

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