June 2014

When Does My Phone Get The Android L Update

by Ed Tsunoda on June 29, 2014

It’s money in the bank that your model of Android phone will always be the last to get the update, but some users will be able to get their hands on beta versions sooner than you might expect. Can’t wait to get the latest release dates for your manufacturer on this fall’s Android L update? […]

Direct Connect Dies And Takes Boolean Google Searches With It

You may not have known this, but if you are working on your business web site SEO, you should because it affects how Google reads search inquiries and has for some time. Back when Google launched Google+, they wanted people to be able to “plus” search terms to connect directly to the entities Google+ page […]

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Kill Switch Coming To Your Phone Soon

Apple innovations have always inspired changes in the marketplace and the recent addition of a “kill switch” to make a phone unusable if it is stolen to reduce the incentive to steal it is apparently working and coming soon to both Android and Windows Phone. When Apple added its Activation Lock to the Find My […]

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Amazon Set To Deliver Smart Phone

With Apple and Samsung keeping efforts from Windows, Google, and everyone else who’s tried to pry a foothold in the Smart Phone marketplace from gaining very much traction, Amazon has decided to enter into the fray anyway, and is coming out with their own Smart Phone. Customers, meanwhile, are propelling Amazon toward the rarefied ranks […]

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Whats The Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 Update Schedule

The new Windows Phone 8.1 Update is coming to your Nokia Lumia phone soon, this summer, by the end of June…so much information, so confusing. But now there is a  leaked set of dates for Nokia Lumia model updates so you can find out when your phone is getting yours. If you’re waiting for the […]

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Kinect Tech Coming To Windows Phone

How does Windows Phone plan to create some space for itself and grab market share from Android and iPhone? How about Kinect for your phone. Answers when you put it up to your ear, switches to speaker if you put the phone down mid call…it could work. While Kinect has not yet proven to be […]

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Google Guidelines For Moving Your Web Site

Ever felt trapped in a content management system, or old dysfunctional web site, or with a hoisting provider because you can’t afford to have URLs that you’ve spent years getting in to Google drop out of their search listings because you moved? Fortunately, Google provides a pretty great guide for moving your web site without […]

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Apple Uses Windows To Make Macs

For the next time you’re having that argument with your friend/spouse/relative about whether or not their iPhone/iPad/Mac is the greatest device on earth, you might want to book mark this piece, where Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets a photo from the factory in Texas where Apple is now producing some Mac computers in the US. […]

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New SEO Algorithms Target Static Sites

It was always good SEO advice to keep adding new, fresh content to your web site, and not have just a static brochure web site for your business. But, it just got even more essential. It turns out that fresh new quality content is becoming more and more of a factor in how search engines […]

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