July 2014

Why Links Matter And How Not To Build Them

by Ed Tsunoda on July 29, 2014

The complexities of what you can and can’t do to improve or destroy your search engine position is not only difficult to wrap your head around , but also ever changing and subsequently what was necessary last week is now what is likely to get you penalized. Do you build links? Do you not build […]

New SEO Guidelines After Google Penguins Pandas and Hummingbirds

With the updates to the Google algorithms coming fast and furious, it’s important to check your surroundings every once in awhile and make sure the same basic guidelines you’ve been using for optimizing your sites search engine position is still the SEO guidelines for success recommended by industry professionals and Google. Everyone would like to […]

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Google AdWords iPhone Android App

Google has released a new app for AdWords users allowing you to manage your AdWords account in all it’s glory from your Android or iOS device. Today, Google launched a free app for Android and iOS devices for AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google’s search advertising platform designed for small business. The app has […]

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How To Reboot iPhone Windows Nokia Android Phone

The old way (take the battery pack out) is becoming obsolete as more and more hardware manufacturers are creating phones with built-in irremovable batteries including iPhones which is everyone and now some Android and Windows phones, which is every one else. But, each manufacturer, and sometimes each device has it’s own special key combo/hold the […]

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Using Your Smart Phone As A Business Tool

Sure, you can continue your exploration of the physics of furious fowl and the impact that has on your productivity, or maybe the reason business is slow and you have time to play games on your mobile device, is because you haven’t maximized all the ways you could be using your phone to drum up […]

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Windows Phone Cortana Is Perfect In World Cup Predictions

Four years ago they had that octopus who was like 85% accuracy in predicting World Cup games outcomes. The new Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana thing is currently 8 for 8. Beat that iPhone. Recently, users have been able to ask Cortana which World Cup team she thought was going to win in upcoming matches. Since […]

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Back To School Starts Now For SEO

Lots of people know that the winter holiday – or less politically correctly the Christmas shopping – season is the biggest retail sales bonanza of the year. But does anyone know what the second largest retail sales season of the year is? It’s back to school. And, even if you do, most people don’t wait […]

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