September 2014

How To Use Your iPhone As A WiFi Hot Spot

by Ed Tsunoda on September 29, 2014

It happens to everyone, you’re on the road, or stuck somewhere and you have to get to your laptop and there’s no WiFi in sight. Now you can resolve this situation using your iPhone, but don’t forget it’s your data plan everyone in your car is using to watch a movie. Good news is that […]

Apple iPhone 6 Bends?

Apparently the new iPhone 6 bends. I mean, there are complaints that it bends in people’s pockets, and then there is video of it bending with hand pressure that shouldn’t bend your phone. The guys from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy tested just how much pressure the iPhone 6 Plus can take – using bare hands. […]

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Microsoft Offers Extra Free OneDrive Storage

In an attempt to lure new iPhone users to download the OneDrive app and use it to store their photos, docs, etc. Microsoft is now offering a bonus 15GB of storage. Not to worry Android and Windows Phone users, you should get yours free, too. The cloud storage formerly, and affectionately known as SkyDrive, is […]

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Google Updates Webmaster Tools API

Google has updated it’s Webmaster Tools API, which brings it up to date with it’s other APIs for Analytics/AdSense/AdWords/etc., making verification and cross analysis more comprehensive. Over the summer the Webmaster Tools team has been cooking up an update to the Webmaster Tools API. The new API is consistent with other Google APIs, makes it […]

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Post This To Your Facebook: Organic Search Still King

With all the fuss about using social media and paying for search engine ads, at the end of the day, studies show that organic search is a whopping 73% of business services web traffic. It also generates more than 50% of general web traffic. Display ads and email spam made up about a third, and […]

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