How To Use Your iPhone As A WiFi Hot Spot

by Ed Tsunoda on September 29, 2014

It happens to everyone, you’re on the road, or stuck somewhere and you have to get to your laptop and there’s no WiFi in sight. Now you can resolve this situation using your iPhone, but don’t forget it’s your data plan everyone in your car is using to watch a movie. Good news is that […]

Apple iPhone 6 Bends?

Apparently the new iPhone 6 bends. I mean, there are complaints that it bends in people’s pockets, and then there is video of it bending with hand pressure that shouldn’t bend your phone. The guys from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy tested just how much pressure the iPhone 6 Plus can take – using bare hands. […]

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Microsoft Offers Extra Free OneDrive Storage

In an attempt to lure new iPhone users to download the OneDrive app and use it to store their photos, docs, etc. Microsoft is now offering a bonus 15GB of storage. Not to worry Android and Windows Phone users, you should get yours free, too. The cloud storage formerly, and affectionately known as SkyDrive, is […]

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Microsoft Weeds 1,500 Bad Apps From Windows Store

Responding to consumer criticism that the app aisle on the Windows Phone store was fraught with peril, imposters, crappy-apps, and other miscellaneous reasons not to download anything, Microsoft has instated new guidelines and requirements for apps and weeded out a bunch of the worst imposters. “As Windows Store expands to reach more customers in more […]

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Best Games For Your Android Windows Phone iPhone

Hey it’s the first of the month, and that means someone (everyone) somewhere (everywhere) is doing a best of/top 10 of something for the previous month, am I right? This month, we’re shining the spotlight on the best new games for your phone, no matter whether you’re packing an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows […]

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How To Reboot iPhone Windows Nokia Android Phone

The old way (take the battery pack out) is becoming obsolete as more and more hardware manufacturers are creating phones with built-in irremovable batteries including iPhones which is everyone and now some Android and Windows phones, which is every one else. But, each manufacturer, and sometimes each device has it’s own special key combo/hold the […]

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Windows Phone Cortana Is Perfect In World Cup Predictions

Four years ago they had that octopus who was like 85% accuracy in predicting World Cup games outcomes. The new Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana thing is currently 8 for 8. Beat that iPhone. Recently, users have been able to ask Cortana which World Cup team she thought was going to win in upcoming matches. Since […]

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When Does My Phone Get The Android L Update

It’s money in the bank that your model of Android phone will always be the last to get the update, but some users will be able to get their hands on beta versions sooner than you might expect. Can’t wait to get the latest release dates for your manufacturer on this fall’s Android L update? […]

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Kill Switch Coming To Your Phone Soon

Apple innovations have always inspired changes in the marketplace and the recent addition of a “kill switch” to make a phone unusable if it is stolen to reduce the incentive to steal it is apparently working and coming soon to both Android and Windows Phone. When Apple added its Activation Lock to the Find My […]

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