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Google May Add Mobile Experience To Search Algorithm

by Ed Tsunoda on October 9, 2014

Google is making a big push to make it’s ranking algorithm equally useful in all surfing environments, and as such, how your web site appears on people’s mobile devices may start to have more impact on how you rank in search results. Right now, Google does penalize sites that generate errors for mobile visitors. It […]

Google Updates Webmaster Tools API

Google has updated it’s Webmaster Tools API, which brings it up to date with it’s other APIs for Analytics/AdSense/AdWords/etc., making verification and cross analysis more comprehensive. Over the summer the Webmaster Tools team has been cooking up an update to the Webmaster Tools API. The new API is consistent with other Google APIs, makes it […]

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Post This To Your Facebook: Organic Search Still King

With all the fuss about using social media and paying for search engine ads, at the end of the day, studies show that organic search is a whopping 73% of business services web traffic. It also generates more than 50% of general web traffic. Display ads and email spam made up about a third, and […]

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Why Links Matter And How Not To Build Them

The complexities of what you can and can’t do to improve or destroy your search engine position is not only difficult to wrap your head around , but also ever changing and subsequently what was necessary last week is now what is likely to get you penalized. Do you build links? Do you not build […]

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Google AdWords iPhone Android App

Google has released a new app for AdWords users allowing you to manage your AdWords account in all it’s glory from your Android or iOS device. Today, Google launched a free app for Android and iOS devices for AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google’s search advertising platform designed for small business. The app has […]

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Back To School Starts Now For SEO

Lots of people know that the winter holiday – or less politically correctly the Christmas shopping – season is the biggest retail sales bonanza of the year. But does anyone know what the second largest retail sales season of the year is? It’s back to school. And, even if you do, most people don’t wait […]

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Direct Connect Dies And Takes Boolean Google Searches With It

You may not have known this, but if you are working on your business web site SEO, you should because it affects how Google reads search inquiries and has for some time. Back when Google launched Google+, they wanted people to be able to “plus” search terms to connect directly to the entities Google+ page […]

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SEO Is Not Dead, You Still Need To Work It

There’s so much danger out there in having a piece of SEO information, without having a good overview of how it fits into your overall web site SEO and traffic, and then misinterpreting the nugget you have and misplaying it into a disaster. Either because it’s not true, or isn’t anymore, or is only part […]

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AdSense App For Windows Phone

Looking for an app for your Windows Phone so you can keep tabs on your AdSense account without endlessly reloading that freakin’ AdSense mobile thing? Yeah, me too: Adsense Statistics Provides overview over critical AdSense (Admob revenue) performance metrics, including CTR, page views, clicks, cost per click, page RPM and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form. […]

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