Best Web Host Search Terms

by Ed Tsunoda on May 28, 2014

In case you haven’t been shopping for a new web host recently, there’s been a big change in how consumers refer to the products they’re looking for in the web hosting industry. the web hosting marketplace has moved to new technology, and new keywords! …you can see that searches for hosting terms such as “web […]

Free Shortcode Messaging. You Probably Already Have It.

It’s crazy, I know. But it’s real. You can set up your own free shortcode text messaging system. Ok, imagine your web site is and that you could text yourdomain to DOTCOM (368266) and it would text back a menu of your rss feed. Ok, now try it with your WordPress site and go […]

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Best Web Host For WordPress Site

If you’re searching the internet for the best web hosting for your WordPress site, you’ve undoubtedly already discovered there is a ton of competition for your eyeballs, and most of it is pretty thinly veiled attempts to get you to click on a link that the author gets a kick back from. It works like […]

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What Is Hybrid Cloud Hosting

So if you haven’t upgraded your web hosting in awhile, or you’re making your first foray into the world of hosting beyond your $3.95 unlimited everything account you’ll see that you can’t peruse web hosting offerings without seeing keywords like “cloud” and “hybrid” and they’re used so interchangeably and in so many ways and instances […]

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The Benefits of SSD Drives For Web Hosting

This article does a good job of explaining why SSD drives and SSD Web Hosting are such an improvement for WordPress, Joomla, php/mysql developers, etc.   Currently, many websites are created with open source web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal due to their ease-of-use and flexibility to customize the way they look with […]

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You Need More RAM…Or Maybe Not

It seems like the minute you log into your new web host control panel for the first time, you check your stats and resources graphs and you’re using 90% of the RAM on your new server, and you start thinking (and maybe a sales guy or “account rep” starts saying) “Gee, maybe we ought to […]

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SSD Web Hosting For WordPress and PHP MySQL

We recently started moving our sites to servers with SSD (Solid State Drives/Disk) because our HDD based servers couldn’t keep up with the high -paced world of having people actually visit our sites. In the course of researching the best hosting services for our needs (high traffic/high request php/mysql based sites i.e., dynamic database driven […]

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Super Fast SSD Web Hosting For PHP/MYSQL

Many WordPress users and myql/php develkopers have started using SSD based web hoting to improve the performance of their web sites. SSD – Solid State Drive – powered web hosting servers can increase the speed of your resource hungry mysql/php applications by as much as 3-5x. Many hosting providers are offering good deals on both […]

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Software Downloads

We support open source internet software and discourage our clients from using proprietary software packages for their web sites. Our experience has been that one way some web site developers railroad you into using their company for support and hosting is by building your web site on a proprietary system that costs you in ongoing […]

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