Update Your WordPress Blog To Mobile Friendly

by Ed Tsunoda on April 24, 2015

With all of the search engine algorithms putting more weight into your sites mobile accessibility, there should be an easy way to just make your WordPress installation mobile friendly, shouldn’t there? And there is. Try WPSmart Mobile ( It creates a simple clean fast smart phone friendly version of your wordpress, with analytics, ads, and […]

Google May Add Mobile Experience To Search Algorithm

Google is making a big push to make it’s ranking algorithm equally useful in all surfing environments, and as such, how your web site appears on people’s mobile devices may start to have more impact on how you rank in search results. Right now, Google does penalize sites that generate errors for mobile visitors. It […]

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How To Use Your iPhone As A WiFi Hot Spot

It happens to everyone, you’re on the road, or stuck somewhere and you have to get to your laptop and there’s no WiFi in sight. Now you can resolve this situation using your iPhone, but don’t forget it’s your data plan everyone in your car is using to watch a movie. Good news is that […]

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Apple iPhone 6 Bends?

Apparently the new iPhone 6 bends. I mean, there are complaints that it bends in people’s pockets, and then there is video of it bending with hand pressure that shouldn’t bend your phone. The guys from YouTube channel Unbox Therapy tested just how much pressure the iPhone 6 Plus can take – using bare hands. […]

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Microsoft Offers Extra Free OneDrive Storage

In an attempt to lure new iPhone users to download the OneDrive app and use it to store their photos, docs, etc. Microsoft is now offering a bonus 15GB of storage. Not to worry Android and Windows Phone users, you should get yours free, too. The cloud storage formerly, and affectionately known as SkyDrive, is […]

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Microsoft Weeds 1,500 Bad Apps From Windows Store

Responding to consumer criticism that the app aisle on the Windows Phone store was fraught with peril, imposters, crappy-apps, and other miscellaneous reasons not to download anything, Microsoft has instated new guidelines and requirements for apps and weeded out a bunch of the worst imposters. “As Windows Store expands to reach more customers in more […]

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How To Use Pinterest and Instagram For Business

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Instagram and Pinterest, or what they do, or how to use them, or if they have a business application…well, you get the picture….then this article is for you! On Pinterest, every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site. Therefore, […]

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Best Games For Your Android Windows Phone iPhone

Hey it’s the first of the month, and that means someone (everyone) somewhere (everywhere) is doing a best of/top 10 of something for the previous month, am I right? This month, we’re shining the spotlight on the best new games for your phone, no matter whether you’re packing an iPhone, an Android, or a Windows […]

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Google AdWords iPhone Android App

Google has released a new app for AdWords users allowing you to manage your AdWords account in all it’s glory from your Android or iOS device. Today, Google launched a free app for Android and iOS devices for AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google’s search advertising platform designed for small business. The app has […]

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