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Post This To Your Facebook: Organic Search Still King

by Ed Tsunoda on September 5, 2014

With all the fuss about using social media and paying for search engine ads, at the end of the day, studies show that organic search is a whopping 73% of business services web traffic. It also generates more than 50% of general web traffic. Display ads and email spam made up about a third, and […]

Like Being Web-nonymous? Why Bylines Matter

Many internet publishers like doing their writing on the Internets because it allows them to retain some semblance of privacy. But it turns out that what people don’t know can hurt you, as it’s probable that part of Google’s search results algorithm includes trying to identify authorship, and giving known and credible authors more better […]

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Microsoft Weeds 1,500 Bad Apps From Windows Store

Responding to consumer criticism that the app aisle on the Windows Phone store was fraught with peril, imposters, crappy-apps, and other miscellaneous reasons not to download anything, Microsoft has instated new guidelines and requirements for apps and weeded out a bunch of the worst imposters. “As Windows Store expands to reach more customers in more […]

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How To Use Pinterest and Instagram For Business

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Instagram and Pinterest, or what they do, or how to use them, or if they have a business application…well, you get the picture….then this article is for you! On Pinterest, every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site. Therefore, […]

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Using Your Smart Phone As A Business Tool

Sure, you can continue your exploration of the physics of furious fowl and the impact that has on your productivity, or maybe the reason business is slow and you have time to play games on your mobile device, is because you haven’t maximized all the ways you could be using your phone to drum up […]

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Direct Connect Dies And Takes Boolean Google Searches With It

You may not have known this, but if you are working on your business web site SEO, you should because it affects how Google reads search inquiries and has for some time. Back when Google launched Google+, they wanted people to be able to “plus” search terms to connect directly to the entities Google+ page […]

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Standard Image Sizes For Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Profiles

Here’s a link to the standard sizes for images for all the major social media profiles. Great stuff here from ConstantContact Blog, because having the wrong size images can completely mess up the effect you are trying to create on your facebook twitter instagram pinterest linkedin etc profile. LINK TO IMAGE SIZES In addition to […]

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Send Hi Res Photos From Windows Phone To One Drive

If you’ve already experienced the disappointment of looking for the photo you shot at that event on your OneDrive only to find out it’s a thumbnail basically, there is great news on the horizon. The Windows Phone 8.1 update coming next month is going to change that for ya. While those with certain Windows Phone […]

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SEO Is Not Dead, You Still Need To Work It

There’s so much danger out there in having a piece of SEO information, without having a good overview of how it fits into your overall web site SEO and traffic, and then misinterpreting the nugget you have and misplaying it into a disaster. Either because it’s not true, or isn’t anymore, or is only part […]

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