Amazon Set To Deliver Smart Phone

by Ed Tsunoda on June 16, 2014

With Apple and Samsung keeping efforts from Windows, Google, and everyone else who’s tried to pry a foothold in the Smart Phone marketplace from gaining very much traction, Amazon has decided to enter into the fray anyway, and is coming out with their own Smart Phone.

Customers, meanwhile, are propelling Amazon toward the rarefied ranks of companies with revenue of $100 billion.

The phone is the last and most crucial link in this colossal enterprise. It is a singular gamble for a company that, for all its technology components, is still primarily a merchant. Because even the smartest tech companies have trouble with phones.

A Google smartphone, the Nexus One, failed to catch on. Google next bought Motorola and then dumped it. BlackBerry, once the dominant smartphone maker, is struggling to survive. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has less than 3 percent of the global market. Last year, a Facebook phone stumbled.

When it comes to smartphone profits, Apple and Samsung divide them up, leaving crumbs for every other manufacturer. At least in the United States, phones are a mature market, with 120 million sold last year.

Now Amazon is giving this brutal business a shot. On the one hand, analysts say, it has no choice. On the other, the rewards could be tremendous.



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