Apple Uses Windows To Make Macs

by Ed Tsunoda on June 7, 2014

For the next time you’re having that argument with your friend/spouse/relative about whether or not their iPhone/iPad/Mac is the greatest device on earth, you might want to book mark this piece, where Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets a photo from the factory in Texas where Apple is now producing some Mac computers in the US. What fools still use Windows? You can see in the background of the photo that’d be the fools at Apple manufacturing Mac computers in Texas. The computers that run the manufacturing systems for Apple are running Windows.

In Tim Cook’s tweet about visiting Apple’s Austin, he shared a picture that was taken along the assembly line of Mac Pro. The people that man the line have iMacs that provide information along the process and what do they happen to be running, but what appear to be the Windows 7 operating system.

We have seen similar images from Apple’s contract manufacturers like Foxconn, but that was in Asia, and Foxconn does more than make Apple stuff. This is Apple, making Apple gear, using Windows.



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