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by Ed Tsunoda on May 5, 2014

If you’re searching the internet for the best web hosting for your WordPress site, you’ve undoubtedly already discovered there is a ton of competition for your eyeballs, and most of it is pretty thinly veiled attempts to get you to click on a link that the author gets a kick back from.

It works like this. I write an article about a specifc type of web hosting need – like say WordPress bloggers who know they have out grown, but aren’t sure what the best type of web hosting for WordPress is. Then, I insert a link into the text, like this: I recommend WiredTree for WordPress web hosting, click here to check out their web page.

When you click that link, WiredTree knows I referred you, and I’m laying all this out, because I want you to know that I get a kick back, and that I WANT WiredTree to know I’m promoting their product, because I actually use it and believe in their product.

I believe that if you have sensitive personal e-mail, or you count on your web site for your income, but you can’t install Apache on a linux box because you’re not a network administrator, you better have a managed service for your web hosting. You better have some kind of pro-active security plan. You better have automated daily backups. You better have someone watching your server for attacks and updating and patching your software.

And I believe WiredTree does an exceptional job of this.

Unless you have some kind of gigantic resource of photos or music or something else that requires a lot of storage, you’re going to want to look at SSD hosting and Hybrid/Cloud hosting, because without the need for a lot of storage, which can get pricey in SSD,  there’s no reason not to enjoy the flexibility, speed, redundancy and security of the pure SSD environment.

WiredTree offers a great selection of flexible plans that allow you to go pure SSD, or if you do need a lot of storage, SSD assisted, you can start with a VPS with a single GB of RAM and shared CPU resources, and scale all the way up to a managed hybrid server with multiple CPUs and 16GB of RAM without ever going off line. You’re not locked into a single plan dimension, you can ala carte and extra GB of RAM, or TB of bandwidth.

They offer a unique blend of state of the art technology, unparalleled proactive security, managed services, and redundancy at value prices that start at $49/mo for Managed Virtual Private Servers, to $109 for an entry managed hybrid server, and custom dedicated boxes.

I don’t just recommend them, I use them for our sites.


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