Free Shortcode Messaging. You Probably Already Have It.

by Ed Tsunoda on May 13, 2014

It’s crazy, I know. But it’s real. You can set up your own free shortcode text messaging system. Ok, imagine your web site is and that you could text yourdomain to DOTCOM (368266) and it would text back a menu of your rss feed. Ok, now try it with your WordPress site and go “OMG, I already had it…I just didn’t know it!” and high-five your hosting company because they’re on top of it. :)

Works for most DOTCOM (368266), DOTNET (368638) and DOTORG (368674) without you doing anything if you have a RSS feed.

It’s a free shortcode text messaging service offered by If you want something custom, go to their site they have a click-by-click WYSIWYG editor to build easy custom apps and paid services if you want to push data to a subscriber base.



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