Kill Switch Coming To Your Phone Soon

by Ed Tsunoda on June 20, 2014

Apple innovations have always inspired changes in the marketplace and the recent addition of a “kill switch” to make a phone unusable if it is stolen to reduce the incentive to steal it is apparently working and coming soon to both Android and Windows Phone.

When Apple added its Activation Lock to the Find My iPhone application last year, it turned the latter into a kill switch. The results were seen immediately. According to the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative, in the first five months of 2014, robberies involving the Apple iPhone dropped 19%. In San Francisco, 38% fewer iPhones were grabbed during the same time period. In London, 24% fewer Apple iPhones were stolen in the first five months of the year

You can’t argue with the statistics, which is probably why Google and Microsoft both decided to join Apple in making smartphones less desirable for criminals to steal.



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