Kinect Tech Coming To Windows Phone

by Ed Tsunoda on June 10, 2014

How does Windows Phone plan to create some space for itself and grab market share from Android and iPhone? How about Kinect for your phone. Answers when you put it up to your ear, switches to speaker if you put the phone down mid call…it could work.

While Kinect has not yet proven to be an essential must-have for gamers who own Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, it could be extremely useful if ported to the smartphone realm. Among other things, Warren says that Kinect in Windows Phone will let you answer your phone just by holding up to your ear and to turn on speaker phone just by placing your phone down on the table when you’re on a call with someone. You’ll also be able to end your call by putting your phone into your pocket, as Kinect will be able to automatically tell what you’d like to do based on lighting and positioning.

According to Warren, Microsoft has an ambitious longterm goal with this new 3D Touch technology: The elimination of as many smartphone buttons as possible.

source: yahoo news


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