Local Focus Leads To Success

by Ed Tsunoda on October 25, 2007

There is a great piece on Clickz.com this morning reiterating one of our core values, to wit: Niche and local content is the path to success. “However, new local search sites that take a regional or vertical approach are finding success in competing with their larger counterparts. Increasingly, these smaller local sites are competing with the same techniques a local consumer-electronics store deploys to compete with Best Buy.”

This is exactly the theory UMPS employs with OnHutchinsonisland.com and NYFS, specifically:

“large sites are no longer the obvious winners for offering local search or other niche content, however. It’s becoming increasingly clear that small sites with strong ties to a local community can take advantage of powerful new local content models fueling a new generation of compelling Web businesses. ”

Here’s the rest of the article:



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