Microsoft Mini Surface 8 inch Tablet

by Ed Tsunoda on May 11, 2014

Looks like next week will be launch time for an 8″ Microsoft Surface and maybe even a Surface 3 Pro? Oh be still my Microsoft fanboy heart! This combined with earlier reports that MS will be making Windows available to device makers for free and acquiring Nokia devices and services really opens up the world of Windows tablets and phones as an affordable, viable thing.

A new report on Friday confirms earlier talk that on May 20th, Microsoft will be unveiling at least one tablet powered by a Intel processor. One source claims that this mystery tablet will feature a powerful Haswell variant of Intel’s silicon, instead of the Atom version (like the Intel BayTrail). With that in mind, we would expect to see the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 see the light of day on the 20th, along with the Surface mini.

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