Microsoft Offers Extra Free OneDrive Storage

by Ed Tsunoda on September 21, 2014

In an attempt to lure new iPhone users to download the OneDrive app and use it to store their photos, docs, etc. Microsoft is now offering a bonus 15GB of storage. Not to worry Android and Windows Phone users, you should get yours free, too.

The cloud storage formerly, and affectionately known as SkyDrive, is doling out more free storage, an extra 15GB to bring the purse up to a full 30GB.

Microsoft made the announcement on its OneDrive blog this evening as part of an incentive for new iPhone owners who download OneDrive for iOS and enable the auto upload feature from their camera roll before the end of September.

Android and Windows Phone users, as well as existing iOS users that are already using OneDrive and auto upload should see their storage capacities go up automatically with the promotion. OneDrive provides a familiar interface that also adheres to the new modern motif that is pervasive throughout the current Windows experience. It also recently increased the file size transfer limit to a full 10GB.



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