Royalty Free Public Domain Images For Your Web Site

by Ed Tsunoda on October 13, 2009

One question many of our clients ask is where they can find a good source for royalty free, public domain images they can use in their blog or web site. While there are tons of great stock photo sites out there you can Google, one great source is often overlooked: Government web sites.

Many people aren’t aware that as a taxpayer, you’re paying for the images and content government web sites use, and subsequently most of the content is public domain and free for you to use. The White House even has a public use Flickr feed you can grab images from so you have the latest news photos for your political blog:

Doing an update on Swine Flu for your parenting web site? Try the CDC’s Public Health Image Library:

Some photos, videos, content, etc. do have copyrights that are assumed when the government site uses commercial photos, but TONS of the stuff is freely available for you to use, and can really elevate the quality of your content.

Looking for some imagery for your blog about your kid in Afghanistan? try the Defense Department or the Airforce. Need a great photo of a Volcano?  Try the Cascades Volcano Observatory! These and many other government sites, are even indexed in a central location so you can find a bunch of great sources in one location:

They’re your tax dollars, so they’re your photos. Have fun!


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