SSD Web Hosting For WordPress and PHP MySQL

by Ed Tsunoda on April 26, 2014

We recently started moving our sites to servers with SSD (Solid State Drives/Disk) because our HDD based servers couldn’t keep up with the high -paced world of having people actually visit our sites.

In the course of researching the best hosting services for our needs (high traffic/high request php/mysql based sites i.e., dynamic database driven content, phpbb message boards, WordPress as a content manager) we started seeing a lot of positive feed back about SSD hosting, primarily based on it’s superior IOPS (input/output operations per second) to HDD hosts. While there’s clearly an argument as to the weight/importance of IOPS vs write speed, both in rumor and in practice, the SSD drives have increased the performance of our sites, and decreased the load on the CPU and the usage of RAM.

I setup and am running basic managed virtual servers that are pure SSD to give SSD hosting a whirl at two quality hosting companies: and . They’re both fine hosts, good tech response times, and the SSD drives are impressive. The biggest difference is you pay about 20% more at A2. But our choice for better price, better product, and better service for our web hosting needs is They’re both great choices, but WiredTree works better for our needs.


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