What Marketing Means

by Ed Tsunoda on October 24, 2007

Marketing is a misunderstood business expresssion. Many people use marketing as being a synonym for sales, which isn’t really what it is…or I guess they would call it sales, eh? 😉

Marketing is the craft of creating a connection between the producers of a product or service and the consumers of those products and services.

The Internet provides an awesome tool for doing this. People misuse Internet marketing all the time, because they try and find sales metrics likes clicks to quantify their marketing efforts. But again, marketing isn’t sales. And while certainly there is a link between effective marketing and sales results, they are not mutually inclusive and certainly not always direct measures of each others effectiveness. Many times, marketing efforts are about creating image and brand.

Much of the way people use the Internet to market products is via spam of one kind or another. The problem is, you are actually doing negative marketing when you do that. You are creating an image of your product (cheap/possible scam) and your company (irresponsible/uncaring) that does more damage to your marketing efforts than any measurable number of views or clicks could possibly make up for.

Consumers are savvy. They make associations beyond the content and context of your marketing efforts. They see how your company responds to customer service situations, and how you handle adversity. They are affected by the associations made with your imagery, your logos, your words, and your actions.

Effective marketing can’t possibly mean dropping “no littering” fliers out of a plane and blanketing the earth with them. You’d think that’d be obvious, but that’s how most people approach Internet marketing because that’s what they are told is effective.

There are cost-effective and constructive ways to connect your products and services with your consumers. Easily, cheaply, and effectively, without damaging your company’s image by being reckless and abusive with regards to spam and other Internet taboos.


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