WHOIS: Make Sure You Own Your Domain Name

by Ed Tsunoda on December 7, 2007

Surprisingly one area of concern for web site owners continues to be failing to own their own domain names. I see it every day. It is one of the most clear signs you can have that your web host/designer is up to no good. Your name or company name should ALWAYS be the Registrant on your domain and ALWAYS be one of the three “email confirmation” contact email-addresses that can approve/disallow changes in your registration and/or DNS. If you do not, your hosting service/designer OWNS your domain name, and can shut your site down or prevent you from changing providers. Go to http://who.godaddy.com right now. Check. Make SURE you and/or your company owns your domain. If you do not, fix that. Now. And let your provider know you are unhappy that they misleadingly took ownership of something they told you you were buying.


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