Why You Need To Justify Wanting An Extra IP

by Ed Tsunoda on April 26, 2014

Hosting companies are stingy when it come to giving you an extra IP address, and they are about to get stingier. You need a reasonable justification, and if you depend on multiple web sites and web traffic generated by search engines, then you know they’re important.

They’re your numerical address on the internet, and most search algorithms give you more credit for being linked to by a web site that doesn’t have the same numerical IP  address as your own. That makes sense. But why are hosting companies so stingy with them? You’d think they’d give every web developer like 6 or 8 just to spread their sites around. Well, it turns out there’s a finite number of IP addresses in the world…and they’re running out!

IPv4 addresses are 32-bit numbers, which means there are about 4.3 billion for the entire world. Facebook.com’s IPv4 address is, for example. The numeric addresses are used to route data packets across to their destinations.

The exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is no surprise — it’s been approaching for decades.

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