Windows Phone 8.1 Getting Good Reviews

by Ed Tsunoda on April 20, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 is finding a warm reception out there in the blogosphere. This review encapsulates what a lot of Windows Phone users are saying…it just works!

If you have Windows, and let’s be real, the majority of the world still does, then Windows Phone just works. Windows Phone 8.1 leverages the cloud in a very unique way. The things you might already expect cloud syncing to enable, it does. For example, Windows Phone 8.1 still automatically, backs up photos and videos to OneDrive and makes them available on other Windows devices. Contacts, and a list of installed apps, are also synced to the cloud as well. Where Windows Phone 8.1 changes the game is the way it enhances users’ lives with even more syncing.

Going forward, Start Screen themes, settings from specific apps and even passwords are automatically shared between devices, and that includes devices running Windows 8.1. The websites I’ve just visited and the passwords I’ve grown tired of entering over and over again are simply there once I’ve logged into my Windows Phone using my Microsoft Account.

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