You Need More RAM…Or Maybe Not

by Ed Tsunoda on April 26, 2014

It seems like the minute you log into your new web host control panel for the first time, you check your stats and resources graphs and you’re using 90% of the RAM on your new server, and you start thinking (and maybe a sales guy or “account rep” starts saying) “Gee, maybe we ought to be thinking about getting more RAM.”

Maybe you do, but then…maybe you don’t? There’s a great article at about how linux uses available ram for cache/buffer and all of THAT RAM is still available for your applications/site/page-refreshing users to use! So check with some of the links provided in the article or a techie guru person you trust to see whether you really need more RAM, or if your hosting provider is taking advantage of their own reporting tools.

Linux is borrowing unused memory for disk caching. This makes it looks like you are low on memory, but you are not! Everything is fine! Why is it doing this? Disk caching makes the system much faster! There are no downsides, except for confusing newbies. It does not take memory away from applications in any way, ever!

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