A Brand You Can Trust

by Ed Tsunoda on November 5, 2007

It is the phrase that is implied in every marketing message whether it’s the truth or a deception. It’s the one component of your Internet presence you have to establish. A brand you can trust. That’s the basis for every transaction you make both as a consumer and the seller.

How can you craft that relationship when there are so many sites and so many untrustworthy buyers and sellers out there?

The Internet – and Internet Marketing specifically – is by exaggerated reputation and to a lesser degree in actual practice fraught with peril. There is no longer, I believe, anyone who hasn’t paid money for Internet Marketing promises that delivered nada. And that makes it difficult sometimes to trust…even to trust someone telling you that you can’t trust it.

And because of that, by your own experience, every Internet transaction has to be founded in a trust relationship between not only the consumer and the proprietor, but the technology and vendors processing the transaction.

So if you’re launching a new business with a web/Internet transaction as the “sale”, you have to build that consumer trust. And because – like you – those consumers have almost universally been burnt before, the onus is on you to create that trust.

That may seem like an insurmountable task in the current Internet landscape.

But there are things you can do. The first is, to build your own consumer trust by using reliable, well-branded vendors early in your relationship with consumers. Transactions processed by PayPal, ticket sales via StubHub, related-product impulse buy items from Amazon…all these things allow you to “piggyback” on the brand-trust created by the vendor AND build your own brand trust by doing so.

Secondly, it’s important to forge your own value-added relationship with your site users. Free information. Links to other content that is relevant and useful to your users. New quality content on a consistent basis. Fast replies. Ways they can interact and express themselves. All of these things create a relationship and then trust vetween your users and your brand.


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