Back To School Starts Now For SEO

by Ed Tsunoda on July 2, 2014

Lots of people know that the winter holiday – or less politically correctly the Christmas shopping – season is the biggest retail sales bonanza of the year. But does anyone know what the second largest retail sales season of the year is? It’s back to school. And, even if you do, most people don’t wait until the last week to buy their supplies, the season actually peaks in July and August.

We’ve looked closely at how the back-to-school season plays out, and have seen some interesting trends. For one thing, it is not a last-minute shopping season. People plan ahead and begin the hunt for back-to-school supplies early.

Some 23.9 percent start shopping more than two months before the first day of school. Another 49 percent do their shopping three weeks to one month before school. A relative minority of people — 21.8 percent — wait until the last week. [2]

That pattern becomes really clear when you track back-to-school-related searches over the course of the summer.



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