Building Your Own Links Network

by Ed Tsunoda on November 1, 2007

One of the great things about creating niche content web sites is that you begin to create your own network of affiliated sites, that can power each other in terms of traffic, search engine spiders, and page rank.

Here at UMPS, we have several sites that have supporting content, e.g., NYFS is our big Mets web site that serves thousands of users every day, but we also have offers free mets blog hosting, MLBStats @ NYFS has career mlb stats for every player every team, ever, we also offer our users free photo storage at MyPhotos @ NYFS, OHI/ is a spring training guide for Mets fans, and they are all interlinked with multiple domain names and URLs which helps us drive our users to each of our sites and strengthen our overall network.

Even on a small scale, if you have a web site and a blog and a MySpace page, etc. by interlinking them with keywords and relevant specific links throughout each of the individual sites, you create your own quality link network that helps your site show better in search engines and creates more daily traffic across the spectrum.


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