Communities Create Traffic

by Ed Tsunoda on October 24, 2007

The way to reach a broad market via the Internet, is to create a community comprised of your target market, and develop your online resources to build a place users you want to reach will come to every day.

You can go find other established groupings of targeted users, but in order to develop enough consumer trust to generate sales, you have to build a brand and a reputation and a community of trusting users.

The Internet is filled with niche businesses and some flat out scams, and people are wary. You have to establish who you are, who your business is, and create trust. The best, fastest, cheapest way to build that sense of trust and understanding of your business or persona is through building your own community of users.

Building a community is more that building a web site. You have to participate in your community. If you’ve ever played a game of The Sims, you know how it works. You can put all the infrastructure in place that you want, if you don’t “work it” every day, the community dies. You need to establish rules, and a hierarchy, and interaction, and reasons to return. But most of all, you need to make a committment to being part of the community, in order for it to grow.


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