Connecting Your Links, TITLE Tags, And Content

by Ed Tsunoda on November 4, 2007

Okay, you’ve got dynamic TITLE tags that are driven by your page content and keywords in your TITLEs, but you’re not rising up in the search engines as quickly as you want or as high as you need to…what else can you do?

Try connecting Keywords into Keyphrases you use in your links on other sites, and your TITLEs, and your page content.

e.g., Have a link on another site use a specific phrase, like we do for Untraditional Media in the ‘bug’ we place on the lower right hand site of every site we design.

The link we use to connect to UMPS on every site we create is the exact phrase “Treasure coast web site design, development, hosting, internet marketing, content management systems, internet services” which we repeat in the TITLE tags and the first paragraph of content on our home page.

The combination of an in-bound link, the title, and the content using the exact same phraseology, creates a higher value link the search engines rate higher.

The results?


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