Free Press Release Services For Links

by Ed Tsunoda on September 25, 2008

One of the factors search engines employ to rank your pages is the number and quality of sites that link to you. Sending out an electronic press release distribution is a cheap and effective way to help increase the number of sites linking to you.

Links from sites with related and relevant content that point to your site help boost how search engines rank the importance of your site. You can find sites that ‘backlink’ to yours by typing “” into a Google search box. this will show you all the pages that link to your page.

One easy way to improve this without spending a lot of money, is to write a press release about your web site. It can be something as simple as describing your site and it’s audience, but make sure you put a link to your web site in the content of the press release. You can write a new release everytime you change your content, or update the look of your site, or hold an event, or really anything at all.

Next, you’ll want to find a free distribution service that sends your release out to RSS feeds and industry web sites. One service we use is ClickPress content is distributed by a number of world-class news services, including: Google News, Moreover, NewsNow,, MSN News, Ask Jeeves News, Lycos News, NewsKnowledge and the IPD Group.

Additionally, many web site publishers and bloggers use RSS feeds and press release distribution services to add industry related content to their own sites, even if they’re not on the initial distribution list.

These services distribute your release all over the place, creating dozens of new backlinks to your web site. Many of the free distribution services, also offer low cost upgrades to more distribution lists, including major wire and news services. By paying a small fee, you can double or triple the number of links you create to your site out in the world, and creat backlinks from higher ranked pages, that will improve the value of the links created even more, and subsequently also improve your position in search engine searches.


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