How Do We Get Users To Our Web Site?

by Ed Tsunoda on November 7, 2007

That’s the one question we get asked the most. People buy and sell emailings and software and optimizers and books and it’s not dissimilar really to the Diet industry. There’s always a fad, there’s always the promise of a magic pill. The reality is you have to eat less, eat better, and exercise more and realize it’s not going to happen overnight. What does that mean in terms of Internet marketing?

It means that you have to create great content, create brand awareness, work on it every day and realize it’s not going to happen overnight. :)

First of all, you have to determine who you want to come to your web site. Create an idea of who the optimum consumer of your whatever is so you know who you are targeting. Find them online and participate in existing social networking sites where those users are. MySpace. Facebook. TripAdvisor…find something where your target market already uses the Internet.

Get out there. Fill out some profiles. Join a message board. Interact with the Internet user you are targeting. You have to know who they are and what they want and what they are looking for to create a web site that suits their needs.

Create a blog or a web site where you provide a resource that your optimum user will want and will use every day. Aggregate content with syndicated news and RSS feeds. Offer reviews, commentary, wisdom, and great links to your industry, a place to interact and ask questions and create a sense of community. Whatever your niche, there is a group of ideal users congregating right now in a social networking site and by participating in those existing communities, you will quickly be able to form a short list of information and services that you can aggregate and create a destination that will appeal to your ideal user.

You want to create on a small scale a formula for a web site that works. It appeals to your ideal user. They come and then many of them return, and many of those return again. They participate and interact with both you and each other.

Invite your friends and colleagues to check it out and offer constructive criticisms. Pay attention to keeping your text and keywords and title tags and content and links relevant and to and from high quality sites, and find a system that works and shows up in searches and attracts users.

THEN spend money and worry about getting people to your site.

One of the biggest lessons from the late 90s Internet crash that is crucial to remember is that if your formula is that you lose one dollar for every user that visits your web site, than 10 times as many users just means losing money 10 times as fast.

You have to create a formula that works, that is self-sufficient, that is managable, and that is cost-effective, before you drive hundreds or thousands of people there.

The only way to have a successful Internet Marketing Program is to have a successful system for attracting and retaining quality perspective clients and revenue streams. You can’t evaluate whether or not the marketing is successful, if the response vehicle doesn’t attract them or retain them or convert them into customers.


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