Like Being Web-nonymous? Why Bylines Matter

by Ed Tsunoda on August 30, 2014

Many internet publishers like doing their writing on the Internets because it allows them to retain some semblance of privacy. But it turns out that what people don’t know can hurt you, as it’s probable that part of Google’s search results algorithm includes trying to identify authorship, and giving known and credible authors more better SEO/results positioning because of their noted expertise. So maybe you(I) ought to start taking credit for your work.

The answer is that Google has other ways to determine who it believes to be the author of a story, if it wants. In particular, Google is likely to look for visible bylines that often appear on news stories. These existed before Google Authorship, and they aren’t going away.

This also means that if you’re really concerned that more Author Rank use is likely to come, think bylines. That’s looking to be the chief alternative way to signal who is the author of a story



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