More Good SEO Practices

by Ed Tsunoda on May 6, 2014

Everybody likes to throw their two cents in when it comes to top 10 anything, and let’s face it SEO Tips is the poster child for Internet Top lists, but Courtney Seiter over at The Huffington Post (which I also loathe to link to) hit the basics out of the park, including one I tell people all the time “Hey, sign up for Google Webmaster Tools, I mean, if you want to show up better in Google…” seems obvious, but people resist:

On-site optimization (making sure all the technical details of your site are how they should be for both search engines and searchers) can be complicated. Luckily, both Google and Bing offer a suite of webmaster tools to make it simpler.

If your website isn’t registered with Google Webmaster Tools, do that now. If you’re set up but not familiar with all of its elements, dig in a little and explore.

Link To Courtney’s work @ THP


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