Picking SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

by Ed Tsunoda on July 21, 2008

One way even the most novice web site publisher can improve their search engine position is by using a theme or template for your Blog that will optimize your content for the search engines, and has been designed to be excellent at it!

Many theme designers have made search engine findability one of the primary goals of their designs. It makes sense to start with a template for your web site that is going to help people find you by creating site maps and good title tags and tags content focus with the tags search engines look for.

Our favorite SEO WordPress theme by far is Chris Pearson’s “Thesis”. Thesis isn’t reall just a theme, it’s a software package that installs like a theme, but gives you complete control over the layout, interface, look, etc., etc….all the elements of your web sites design, AND incorporates the best SEO optimization features of all the themes we’ve worked with.

We’ve also had great success using the various permutations of Chris Pearsons Cutline themes, including Neoclassical, Cutline, and Copyblogger:


All of those themes have proven to be excellent SEO optimized tools that give our sites the best possible search engine penetration.

Additionally, we’ve found a number of great resources that sort WordPress themes by their SEO efficiency, like this one:


which gives you a ton of great themes and looks to choose from, and some confidence that you’re looking through themes that will help promote your sites via search engine accessibility. It’s ESPECIALLY important if your not familiar with touching up your web code yourself to create search engine friendly content. By choosing themes and templates created by designers who have the foresight to do that work for you, you can have great search engine friendly code, without ever altering a line of HTML.


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