Quality Content and Quality Links

by Ed Tsunoda on October 25, 2007

One of the premises we started with on NYFS years ago and we’ve stuck with through all of our sites and web communities, is keeping the focus on quality content and quality links. That one factor is probably the single most important reason our sponsors reach the top slots in the search engines.

Each of the various search engines uses a formula or algorithm designed to find the most relevant responses to a search. While the formulas vary, the factors in the formula are always similar. Page value, page title, keywords, meta tags, links, etc..

By creating quality content and maintaining a high ratio of content to ad space, we’ve maintained a very search engine friendly formula, that extends to the sites we link to:


Whatever the genre or market, the verbatim link from our sites snags our sponsors a top 5 listing, every time. Go ahead and look, each of those searches is verbatim the text the sponsor uses on NYFS (http://www.nyfuturestars.com) as a text link.

By just creating great content and keeping our ratios good, and providing quality links out, we’ve mastered the SEO formula not by trying to circumvent the formula, but by giving the formulas what they want. Quality content and quality links.


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