Regular New Content Drives Everything

by Ed Tsunoda on November 4, 2007

One of the reasons that having a self-publishing web site is so important, is that regular new content on your site is crucial to developing both traffic and good search engine rankings. If you’re working with a designer who charges you to make changes to your site, adding new content becomes a cost, which makes it expensive to add new content every day.

You don’t need to add something EVERY day, in fact, if you are a one person shop, it’s an impossible goal. But, you should add fresh new quality content as often as possible. Including a relevant RSS news feed and having some sort of self-publishing tool where you can add new content via your web browser are both cheap and easy ways you can change your content regularly without too much effort.

As far as creating traffic goes, it’s reasonably obvious that the more quality content you have at your site, the more different combinations of search terms you’ll come up under, the more individual pages will be indexed and found, and if the content on your home page is different the second time a user visits, the more people will return again once they’ve found you.

But a secondary and less obvious benefit is that the search engine spiders will notice that the content changes regularly and subsequently return more also often. That’s crucial, because many search results give preference to more recent content, your site will be comprehensive indexed regularly making sure your latest pages and most relevant information are showing up highest under the most current search phrases.

RSS feeds automatically update when the source web site updates. So if you add an RSS headline widget to your blog or site, you can simultaneously make your content appear fresh and new daily to both users and search engines, and also create a more valuable resource for your users, because you have more relevant information at hand while they are using your site.


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