SEO Is Not Dead, You Still Need To Work It

by Ed Tsunoda on May 13, 2014

There’s so much danger out there in having a piece of SEO information, without having a good overview of how it fits into your overall web site SEO and traffic, and then misinterpreting the nugget you have and misplaying it into a disaster. Either because it’s not true, or isn’t anymore, or is only part of the story. Kristine Schachinger over at really does a great job of dispelling the main myths rolling around out there, and reviewing the basics and how they’ve mutated from that thing your web guy told you back in 2007 that you hold on to as the nirvana of SEO truth, and what you need to know now:

Remember a few years back when SEO was considered “voodoo” or “black magic” by anyone who didn’t understand it?

Really, SEO is based on the rules of a mathematical algorithm. This means the site meets or doesn’t, certain points on a mathematical scorecard and your site is then adjusted accordingly.

Link to Kristine Schachinger’s fine work over at


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