Target Your Customers With Quality Content

by Ed Tsunoda on August 7, 2008

The days of the static brochure web site have come and gone. It’s not what most business owners want to hear, but you can’t just write a check, and get a beautiful web site and have that be enough anymore. To target your customers online, you have to provide compelling content that reaches out to your target market, even if the topic has no direct relationship to your products.

As time passes, search engines have tweaked their search results algorithims to keep Internet marketing people from easily stacking keywords or making designs that use simple techniques to get you great position. The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has morphed into a seemingly complex myriad of factors that no one person can have entire ownership of, and for that matter, none of the search engines use exactly the same formula.

One thing that has changed over the last few years, is that there is definitely more weight being placed on having regularly updating content (see last weeks piece on How Search Engines Work). How can you use that to your advantage?

By taking control of your own web content – by which I mean using a content management system or blog software to be able to add/edit your content yourself – you can create content that will span dozne of key words and phrases that your customers will search for that are related to your products and services, but may not directly be about your products and services.

For example, if you ‘re a plumber, instead of having a standard 6 page brochure web site about your business, you could generate a daily tip on how to fix your running toilet, or dripping faucet, or how to determine if your water heater is on it’s last legs, etc. Or, if you’re a gym or physical trainer, you could post a daily tip on diet and nutrition or how to do pushups correctly.

These types of content pieces, while not pushing your product or service, are more relevant as far as search engines are concerned, because they are naturally loaded with great key words and phrases and are ‘useful content’ and not just advertisements. This will lead to people who are having plumbing problems, or looking for help getting in shape, finding your web site and seeing you as a reliable provider of quality information, instead of just another plumber or trainer.

When people are looking for a plumber or a lawyer or a personal trainer, they’re just as likely to use a directory or a phone book to find one, BUT, when they have a problem or are researching their options, they’re going to go to Google or Yahoo and type in ‘fixing a leaky faucet’ or ‘how do you do a pushup right'” or a natural organic phrase like that, as opposed to typing in ‘plumbers in Orlando’ or ‘gyms in west palm beach’.

What happens is that as you create a stockpile of relevant quality content, your site is seen by the search engines as being a quality content provider, as opposed to being an advertisement for your business. Your web traffic will become lots of people with leaky faucets, or who are trying to get in shape. You’ve effectively targeted your ideal customers, simply by using your expertise to create great content. That gives you the opportunity every day to market to a web site full of potential customers, instead of not being able to find yourself in any search results because the big national chain businesses have bought the three big key words at all the search engines, and that will lead to more customers, without spending a dime for key words, just investing 10 minutes of your time to write something.


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