Things You Can Do To Improve Your Traffic

by Ed Tsunoda on August 14, 2008

Once you’ve got your new site up and running, there are a few things you should do to let the search engines know you’re out there. Here’s a few tips of ways you can let the search engines know where you are, what your contents all about, and track whether or not it’s working.

First of all, you should have a sitemap for your site. If you run a blog, or run blog software as a content management system, it’s probably as easy as uploading a plug-in and activating it. For WordPress users, there is a terrific one that’s easy to use. Literally, just plug it in at it works!:

If you’re coding your own site, it’s a little more complicated, but still not rocket science. There’s a pretty clear rundown of how here:

Once you’ve got a sitemap happening, each of the major search engines has a sitemap submission tool that will a) let you tell the search engine to send a spider out to index your site, and keep checking it to keep their listings of your site up to date, every time you change your content.


Another great tool to use is Google Analytics ( if you sign up and add a little piece of tracking code to your site, it’ll give you a great third party tool for reviewing your traffic, and creating reports that will allow you to show potential sponsors and partners exactly how much traffic you have and where it comes from and the demographics of those web surfers.

Our experience has been that the more you use the tools the search engines give you to promote and track your site, the faster they will update their indexing of your site, the more accurate and up to date the listings will be and subsequently the better your traffic will be.

The whole process of submitting your site and setting all this stuff ups takes less than an hour and it can make a huge difference as to whether or not people find you and visit your site.


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