Why Links Matter And How Not To Build Them

by Ed Tsunoda on July 29, 2014

The complexities of what you can and can’t do to improve or destroy your search engine position is not only difficult to wrap your head around , but also ever changing and subsequently what was necessary last week is now what is likely to get you penalized. Do you build links? Do you not build links? The answer is, you’re supposed to just be awesome.

For search to remain valuable, its integrity can’t be questioned. People need to continue to trust the results. Which means no more gaming, tricks, or shortcuts. Google can’t allow bad results in search if they want to retain their control of the search market, and the subsequent billions in ad revenue.

In the last few years Google’s algorithm has finally caught up to their intent. That’s fundamentally changed SEO. The only solution left is real links that matter.

source: searchengineland.com


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