Yes, You Need A Web Site Or Blog

by Ed Tsunoda on October 28, 2007

Everyone needs to have a blog or a basic web site. No matter who you are or what you do, people who meet you and may hire you or do business with you or want to have dinner with you are going to type your name into Google. You can control what they find. Here’s how.

You can control what people find by maintaining and crafting your own online persona. A blog, a MySpace page, a Google or Yahoo or AOL or Amazon profile, a networking profile like LinkedIn…all of these things will put your name out in search engines and compete for position when people go looking for you.

By keeping a small web site or blog and a profile or two out there, you take control of your own online perception. You can acquire your name as a domain name for under $10 a year. Did you know that having search terms in the domain name is one of the key factors search engines look for?

By setting up your own domain and a simple blog, and a couple of profiles, you can create an online resume of who you actually are, what your actual experiences and history are, and by keeping it active and up to date and accurate, one of your sites or profiles will almost always appear at or near the top in searches for your name.

Additionally, the experience of managing your online persona will give you insights into how search engines work, why one of your pages always shows up first and why one never does, how self-publishing tools work, how online networking works and how to take advantage of it no matter what you do.

That experience will payoff when you are ready to have your own web site for business or your band or if you have a job at a company where there are advancement opportunities for employees who can effectively use the Internet. There was a great article on how web anonimity can hurt you on ComputerWorld earlier this year, that really delved into how and why company’s covet web savvy employees.

Your own journey through discovering  how to maintain your online image, is not only essential for managing how people see you, but also an education in how Internet searches and discovery happen and that will give you an edge in everything you do, even if it’s primary use is making you a better searcher for finding people and things you are looking for.


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