Your TITLE Tags Are So Important

by Ed Tsunoda on November 2, 2007

One of the single most important factors in your presence on search engine results is the content and keyword relevance of the page title. Many blog templates and web designers under utilize this tag, so it’s important to look at your page titles throughout your Blog or site and make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunity.

The web pages TITLE tags are what generates the words in the title bar of your browser window, e.g., here:


Normally a blog theme or a template driven content system will generate TITLE tags, based on the headline of the post you make, however, some template designs have coded in just the web site title or some other undescriptive thing, and sometimes even nothing at all. You can easily edit your TITLE tags themselves, using FTP and a text editor, or the “Edit THeme” feature in your Blog. The TITLE tages are located in the “index.html” or “index.php” file, or sometimes, if the theme/template uses a “header.html” or “header.php” file, it will be located there. When you open the file to eidt it, you’ll see the <TITLE> tags, right at the top of the page:


You can type in whatever you want and it will become the title for the page. If your template uses an automatic headline-to-title feature, you can add key words and phrases before or after the autogenerated tags, so that each page has a different TITLE and is specific and relevant to the content contained in the page.

Once the search engine spiders have a chance to index your new page titles, you’ll find you have MUCH better position in searches for exact phrases contained in your titles:

TITLE Search


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